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I worked as an associate at Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd, I have pursued my graduation in Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) and I opted for CIPL when I was in 2nd year. According to me, I was the shyest student at my college when I joined college. I was not having many friends too.

I used to do only one thing, that is study, the fellow who used to sit next to me was always motivated and like always talking about some business and was also very good in studies too and I did not know that why he was so motivated and enthusiastic. I was so shy that I was not having the confidence to ask him even, but one day I somehow collected the confidence and asked him that what he do? So he introduced me to Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd and made me join CIPL.I was having a tornado of questions in my mind, that would I be able to do it? Is CIPL fake? Is it worth it? Will it affect my studies? And many more.

The company is basically about giving knowledge of website designing to students and how you can earn your pocket money through google. And that was the time when I never looked back in my life, the boy who took admission in 1st year was totally different from the boy who passed out in 3rd year. I was totally transformed and full of enthusiasm and confidence. My priority was always my studies and I worked part-time at Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd. Literally, my life was transformed, a shy boy got converted into a boy full of confidence and enthusiasm.

I not only earned money through google but also gained confidence, communications skills, business ethics, dress ethics, helped in removing stage fear, etc, etc. I started doing excellent in co-curricular activities because of so much confidence. The main point was that I did excellent in studies too, working in CIPL never affected my studies, Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd also taught me time management.

I managed my time between my studies and part-time work and did good in both the things. According to me, every student should join Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd once in their lifetime, the will literally bring drastic positive change in your life and will give you unlimited opportunities in life that will help you to run on the path of success. The experience that you will get working here, the management skills, the working techniques, all this will help you in any of the fields you opt for in future. So as a big brother I would suggest that let people speak what they are saying, just go for it and prove people wrong. This is my answer to your question, Is cipl fake or fraud? No, it is not I have given you my Cipl review, as I have personally worked there. I hope my answer will help you all.

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  1. This is the platform where students can improve their skills and get good technical and marketing knowledge.

  2. Corporate Infocom Private Limited provides tools with the help of which u can create ur website with 3 simple steps

  3. It all depends on your performance, success in your hard work. Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd is just giving you a platform

  4. If someone hav the same question on their mind that is cipl fake or fraud? then I want to give the answer by saying tht CIPL not only establish the foundation for your career, But it also teaches you a lot of things that will be useful for years to come.

  5. I would say one thing that just ignores the people whose saying cipl fake and go for it. CIPL is the best platform to explore ur talent.

  6. There are many people those saying cipl fraud, let me tell you one thing tht corporate society is a legal and authorized company.

  7. No, cipl is not a fake company, this is completely certified comapny. So stop saying cipl fake or cipl fraud.

  8. This will give you a platform where u can show your talent and learn a lot of things. Thats my corporate infocom pvt ltd review

  9. Its been wonderful to be a part of the corporate infocom pvt ltd. Always surrounded by passionate people having hunger to learn and explore. Senior management is totally supportive and helps in all aspects. For me, it is the best company to work with.
    #wish you success

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