Fabrics That You Should Prefer While Buying Briefs

When it comes to choosing the right brief, you will come across tons of options. And it is important that you buy brief that is comfortable because you will be wearing them all day long. In this article, we will tell you how to buy briefs by choosing the right material –


1. Silk Impression

It is a demure fabric that is ideal for lingerie, as it is lightweight as well as durable. It seamlessly glides over the skin without bearing any friction. Moreover, the back and front texture both offer a soft and silky touch.
It has a shimmery and semi-translucent appearance, offering a slightly faded and elegant print. It is considered one of the best fabrics for many types of underwear, such as nighties, panties, briefs, babydolls, etc.

2.Cotton Satin

This brief fabric is 100% natural and is extremely soft in touch. While it has a matte appearance, it feels smooth and delicate against your skin. Natural cotton has a cool touch and breathable properties; therefore, cotton briefs are highly recommended to those who are looking for high comfort.

3. Lace

Lace is essentially used to make fancy briefs. It is lightweight, seamless, and transparent. Considering that lace is quite flimsy and thin, they are not suitable during winters. Make sure you buy lace briefs from a good brand as the poor material can cause itching and irritation.

4.Mul Cotton

Mul cotton is basically a cotton blend; however, this fabric is softer and thicker than the regular cotton. While it is extremely lightweight and feels soft on your skin, mul cotton is not highly breathable. But they still are a popular choice of daily wear briefs.

5. Jersey

Jersey is a brief material, which is a blend of nylon and polyester. This fabric is waterproof, thereby making it perfect for beachwear.

Washing your Undies

If you are throwing your underwear into the wash with the rest of the gear, then you are doing it wrong. Briefs are delicate, so they also need to be delicate while washing and drying the. Fabricsoftware and a hot dryer can ruin your underwear. The hot dryer will fade out the fabric colors, making it look old and shabby quickly.
While fabric softeners may make your cotton clothes soft, they are dangerous for your underwear. A majority of underwear is made of microfiber fabrics, and adding fabric softeners will wreck the overall shape of the underwear, leaving behind residue. Wash your underwear only in cold water using detergent.
Eventually, it is important that you invest the right time and effort in choosing the perfect brief for yourself as you are going to be in throughout the day. Along with the right material, make sure you choose the right safe and type.
Be aware of your measurements of the waist and hip; this will be beneficial in choosing the right size considering every brand a unique size. As for the material, you can refer to the material of the above briefs to decide, which one you should choose based on your preference or occasion.

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