10 ways to keep November zodiac sign happy


The November Zodiac Sign is one of the most complicated and tough to understand but sure to love creatures. If you could understand well the Scorpion traits, you are to enjoy the best company ever. When you are with the most attractive, hard to catch up and head lit Scorpion personality, and you, seek to know ways and measures to keep them happy and all smiles, peep below for the best 10 ways to keep them in the bed of roses always.


Understand their emotions

If you have a November Zodiac sign as a partner, understand their emotional roller coaster. They are extreme in expressing their feelings and emotions in both their green and blues. If you are emotional too, then it is going to be your cup of tea to handle. If you are a practical human, exercise care and give them their space to exhibit their inner attributes.

Be passionate.

A Scorpion man and woman will ensure they give their 100% in whatever they do; be it work or relationship and the hard part is, they expect you to revert it, sometimes, even more than they give. So when you are with a Scorpion personality, ensure your

A Scorpion man and woman will ensure they give their 100% in whatever they do; be it work or relationship and the hard part is, they expect you to revert it, sometimes, even more than they give. So when you are with a Scorpion personality, ensure your endeavours are done from the heart and with much passion and heart fullness. Pick a Scorpion person if you are in love with the idea of falling in love. He or she will be excited with love and will never run out of loyalty at any point.

Understand their mind

A Scorpion characteristic portrays cool and calmness on the exterior while on the inner side, there is a volcanic flame glowing with compassion. Never see them as an iceberg. Get in mind that there is a silent eruption going inside their head. It isn’t trouble-free to understand a Scorpion’s mind as their external appearances will leave you clueless with what is cooking inside them.

Don’t push their limits

If your partner is the one with November Zodiac Sign, bear in mind – do not push. It is the Scorpion trait to be secretive. Digging deep and willing to see the depth in his or her mind may lead you to handle serious consequences. A Scorpion knows when and what to be told. Understand it and give it time.

Be selective and choosy with them

Wishing to see your Scorpion person happy? Then you got to be selective and choosy. If you are a person of socialising and freaking out for fun, then you got to manage the mood swings of your Scorpion man or woman. It is the scorpion personality traits of being possessive and jealous. They believe that what is for them, is for only them and there ends the story.

Understand their demands

Understand him or her when they are demanding. It is the very basic attribute of a Scorpion to insist.Being peremptory is their usual way. A November Zodiac Person is demanding of themselves and of others too. They may sometimes seem insensitive, but they exactly know what they want and make efforts to get it right. Give the required attention to them at the appropriate time in order to play safe and carry away with the relationship with ease and pleasure.

Don’t pick a fight with them

Avoid any reason or circumstances to pick a fight with your November Zodiac Sign partner. He or she will be a person with a deeper vengeance and will try to trash you for all that you did to him or her at any point in life. By any chance, there had been a quarrel with a Scorpion, make efforts to straight it up for your goodness. Giving up to your Scorpion person will ensure consistency in your compatibility level and harmony for your inner self.

Don’t try to fool them

Never make an attempt to fool a Scorpion. If you do so, it is a war field you are making ready for yourself. The person will go to any extent and dig deep for truths and once he or she finds out the bluff you have made; your life is going to see absolute sourness. They have the mentality to distrust which is actually a hint of weakness, but this personality trait of a Scorpion will make to look the darker side of the other person and spot the flaws.

Be strong

If you need to impress and make happy a Scorpion woman, your head, heart and each cell of your body needs to be strong. A Scorpion woman will never like a weak person and someone who doesn’t have a clear picture in taking good decisions. If you are ambitious and has a direction towards life with clarity in what are your wants and what you will be in the future, it is a cake walk for you to win over her. She is sexual and at the same time sensual. Understand her body language, connect with her mind and heart and give intimate love. That’s what she expects from you. She requires being challenged emotionally and intellectually.

They love mystery

Scorpion man loves mystery. Leave your man with challenging puzzles and mysteries; he did love to set them right and get the solutions and answers for it. Any intense emotions you feel, do not feel hesitant to share it with your Scorpion man. It is his nature of expressing his emotions, and he would also be all ears to listen to the other person’s emotions as well.A scorpion man is intensely independent. You try to control him; it is going to be a tough game for you. He would be determined and will not tend to give up easily on things that he holds, so never worry about any breakdown in the journey of your relationship with a Scorpion

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