10 Forbidden Places that Government Doesn’t Want You to Know


There is a common phrase “ The world is your oyster”, however, today we are going to prove you that this phrase might not be entirely true. There are certain places around the world where you are not allowed to visit. Some places were initially unknown, while some are prohibited for people to visit.

These places which are shut down or are not talked about due to “national security” have been quite mysterious for common people. You cannot visit these places, but there is not a restriction on talking about them. Therefore we present to you the list of 10 such places which are not open for you to visit.

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    Gruinard Island, Scotland

During the year 1942 amid Second World War, this location present in the country of Scotland was utilized by the British Scientists as a place for biological weapon test. During the high time of war, the scientists decided to test their weapon loaded with Anthrax bacteria and this weapon was exploded near a group of 80 sheep. Sheep became infected with these bacteria and were soon dead. However, later Whole Island was contaminated with this bacteria and this place was shut down and was declared unfit for habitation.

In the year 1986, the government tried to disinfect the island as was demanded by numerous people and their families. However, finally after a long protest, this island was finally decontaminated using formaldehyde after which it was opened for public to reside on.

  1. Metro-2, Moscow

Another Forbidden place, after the Gruinard Island-Scotland, is widely known that Soviet people are the best at keeping numerous secrets as well as confidential information. Here is one of their lesser known secrets. Metro-2 was a secret tunnel with a code name of D-6, which was built parallel to the public metro in the time of Joseph Stalin. This tunnel was built keeping in mind the safe evacuation of political leaders if there was a chance of a nuclear attack.

  1. Fort Knox, Kentucky

Another Forbidden place, after the Metro-2 – Moscow, Fort Knox is a United States Bullion Depository situated in Kentucky, south of Louisville, which holds the US gold bullion save. It stores around 2.3% of all gold ever refined all through the mankind’s history. According to the latest reports released in the month of April 2016, Fort Knox holds around 4581 metric tons of gold.

This gold is known to lie inside this fort which is known to contain blast doors which weigh around 25 tons. In order to maintain high standards of security, no person is ever allowed inside of this fort.

  1. Snake Island, Brazil

Ilha da Queimada Grande, additionally known as Snake Island is an Island situated off the shore of Brazil and is a territory of snakes, just snakes. This place can easily be a bad dream for a person who is afraid of the snake. Analysts evaluate that there are around 3-5 snakes for every square meter of this island.

This island is additionally home to one of the famous lance head types of snakes, which is in charge of 90% of Brazil’s snakebite fatalities.

  1. Doomsday Vault, Spitsbergen

Doomsday Vault is a seed vault of all nations across the world where seeds have been stored to be utilized in case of any environmental crisis. Also called as the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, this storage located in Spitsbergen allows a very limited access within its walls. Even the nations which tend to donate the seeds aren’t allowed free entry.

  1. North Sentinel Island

North Sentinel Island is home to one of the lesser known human race, the Sentinelese. These individuals are not in contact with any world’s race and are practically untouched by present day human progress. These individuals confront the potential risk of certain diseases to which they have no invulnerability. That is the reason this Island is illegal for us to visit.

This island is situated in the west of the southern piece of Andaman Island and is under the control of Government of India.

  1. Range 51

Situated in a remote area of Nevada, Area 51 is a standout amongst the most popular mystery army installations of USA. It is fundamentally utilized for weapon tests and airship tests. All explorations and events in Area 51 are a top mystery, and there are even bits of gossips about the sight of UFO close-by Area 51.

  1. Ise Grand Shrine, Japan

Situated in the city of Ise, Japan Ise Grand Shrine is a shrine devoted to the Goddess Amaterasu-known as the Goddess of Sun. It is a standout amongst the most sacrosanct places of worship of Japan, and you are only allowed to visit the outer shrine building. The main building or sanctum of this shrine is forbidden for local people and is only allowed to be accessed by people from the royal family as well as certain priests.

  1. Surtsey Island

Surtsey Island is an island which was formed by the explosion of the volcano and ever since then has been under the observation of numerous researchers. People, as well as tourists, are not allowed to visit this island, and it is only used for the purpose of research.

  1. Room 39, North Korea

In a nation like North Korea, where everything is precluded beginning from owning an auto to getting your most loved hair style, Room 39 is a top mystery place situated inside a Worker’s Party’s office in Pyongyang. It is likewise one of the important places for the North Korea’s nuclear program; this place has been known to be the source of numerous unlawful exercises such as insurance fraud as well as the dealing of drugs.

So this was our list of top 10 destinations which are mysterious to the normal world. There are plenty of other locations, and some of them have still not been discovered.

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