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  • 10-things-your-best-friend-expects-from-you-on-her-wedding


    10 Things Your Best Friend Expects From You On Her Wedding

    Your best friend’s wedding is like a dream to you. When your best friend is counting down the days to her wedding, you are thinking about the things you are going to do at her wedding. You both know there will be many changes, but nothing can hit your strong bond. It is still a […]

  • 10-signs-you-are-a-kind-of-woman-the-world-is-scared-of

    10 Signs You Are A Kind Of Woman, The World Is Scared Of

    Some people will often tell you that they were scared of you when they first met you, but you should know that this is a good thing. You know you have become so strong, confident and independent that the world is scared of you, but you are not afraid of anything. Some think you are […]

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  • 10-lessons-dear-zindagi-will-beautifully-teach-you

    10 Lessons Dear Zindagi Will Beautifully Teach You

    Gauri Shinde’s new movie which is starring Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan is winning hearts. The film revolves around the imperfect and messy moments in our lives and teaches us wonderful lessons. The movie also reveals the lessons for a happy and fruitful life through the conversation between the characters. For those who have […]

  • 10-Exclusive-Tips-To-Maintain-Long-And-Healthy-Nails.jpg

    10 Exclusive Tips To Maintain Long And Healthy Nails

    Everyone has different opinions on appropriate nail length. If you want to maintain your long nails, then you need to keep them healthy and well maintained as dirty nails is an invitation to some infections. The girls who are in their late teens love to grow their nails long and keep them manicured well. If […]

  • Oops! 10 Celebrities You Never Knew Were A Transgender

    It’s impressive how the audience has been so welcoming towards the celebrities who have changed their bodies to suit their gender preferences. Transgender is a person who cannot be identified with the gender they are expected to be. They can be born as a male but have an identity and behaviour as a female. There […]

  • 10-effective-home-remedies-for-pimples-on-chin

    10 Effective Home Remedies for Pimples on Chin

    Pimple. That one disgusting point that just pops up anywhere it feels like. Pimples treat our bodies as their houses and seem to particularly love relaxing on our faces where the whole world can see them. WHY? WHY? No one likes you pimple! Just move out already. Personal rant aside, pimples seem to love popping […]

  • Laser Hair Removal

    Laser Hair Removal

    If you are tired of waxing and shaving unwanted hair, then you can get laser hair removal done at home. It is commonly done with a beam light which destroys the hair. Laser hair removal can be done wherever you want to remove the unwanted hair. There are many types of lasers done of different […]

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