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    10 Most Endangered Species You Must Know

    There are numerous animals across the world for which you will pay heavy bucks just to get a glimpse of them. However, there are many illegal activities such as poaching and hunting happening across the world which is leading to the reduction in the total number of the few species of animals. Also, it is […]

  • what-not-to-eat-during-menstruation

    10 Food To Avoid During Menstruation

    Most of you might have studied about the menstrual cycle that women tend to experience every month. During this phase, the lining of the uterus tends to break down and hence is excreted from the body. However, this natural phenomenon can result in numerous side effects, from mood swings to cramps as well as other […]

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    10 Tips To Detect Early Cancer

    Cancer is one of the most common diseases which are known to affect numerous people around the world. This disease which is primarily caused due to the presence of free radicals in the body grows in a very subtle way and is one of the unnoticed diseases in the human body. Below we mention some […]

  • benefits-of-ginger

    10 Health Benefits Of Ginger

    Ginger is one of the common herbs which can be found in almost every household. This root has been recommended by Chinese system of medication for curing numerous health issues. People tend to use it in their food as well as in their beverages. This herb has also been known to improve the overall metabolic […]

  • delicious-south-Indian-cuisines

    South Indian Food That Will Make Your Mouth Water

    Similar to South Indian scenery South Indian food is also amazing. Their dishes are all made with rice, curry, and sambhar. Chutney is their regular partners. The traditional way of eating South Indian food is when it is served on the banana leaf. Banana leaves are huge in size, so it is convenient to eat […]

  • Love-hair-colour-but-does-not-want-to-go-permanent

    Love Hair Colour But Does Not Want To Go Permanent?

    Do you like getting your hair coloured but you have a fear of damaging your hair? Don’t worry. Here is a perfect hair colour solution for you. There is a way to paint your hair with funky colours without damaging it and more importantly having the colour permanently on your hair. Getting your hair dyed […]

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