Why Your Apartment Needs the Google Nest Doorbell


A home cannot be considered secure until it has some sort of protection against all potential internal and external threats. With how many systems make up any modern home, there are certain risks that homeowners face daily. This is why you need gadgets that you can rely on regardless of whether or not you’re home.

Front door security is important due to its relevance in your everyday life. This is the part of your home where the most activity involving both you and outsiders takes place. You interact with neighbors, relatives, delivery people, and potential intruders here, and you must keep your home from getting exposed in the process.

One of the best outdoor security gadgets for any kind of home is video doorbells. This gadget is perfect for 24/7 remote home monitoring due to its many helpful features.


The following are some ways the Google Nest Doorbell may be able to benefit your home.

Allows Live Video Monitoring

An apartment hallway doesn’t always have access to natural light. Even during the day, it may seem a bit dark. The Google Nest Doorbell provides you with a clear view of what’s happening outside your front door 24/7 for maximum security. Even in low light, this doorbell ensures that you’re always aware of anyone who’s lurking outside, potentially waiting for an opportunity to enter your home. 

It can often be easier to sneak into an apartment. Unlike an open neighborhood, a suspicious person is less likely to be spotted by people passing by in an apartment hallway. The Nest Doorbell makes this easier by showing you the visitor from head to toe. Even if they’re disguised, it becomes easier to spot clues or identifiers that could help you figure out who they are. This makes answering the door much safer. 

Apartments Are Less Accessible by Loved Ones

An apartment may not be as accessible to your relatives who don’t live in the same building. While this depends on the building’s security protocol, it’s best to be prepared for such a situation. You should be able to monitor your home in one way or another when you’re away, whether it’s for work or you’re on a vacation. 

If you cannot ask your friends or relatives to visit your apartment often enough, the best alternative would be to give them access to your security cameras. The Nest Doorbell can be accessed remotely by anyone you authorize, which can be very helpful while you’re away. If you want to check up on things from time to time without being physically present there, this is the perfect gadget for your home. Even before someone has rung the doorbell, it will notify you of their presence so that you can always be prepared.

Easier to Interact

Oftentimes when someone visits our home, we may not be prepared to answer. With a video doorbell, you can get a heads-up about random visits. Situations may arrive where you need to have remote interactions – the COVID-19 pandemic is a recent example of such an event. A video doorbell can be extremely useful in these circumstances since it allows you to interact with visitors remotely.

With its built-in microphone and speaker, the Nest Doorbell lets you talk to and hear anyone standing outside your home with ease. This way, you can answer the door even while multitasking so that your workflow doesn’t break. If you’re in your home office during a busy workday, this doorbell will help maximize your productivity and keep you from having to interact with outsiders physically unless it’s necessary. This feature is also important for elderly or disabled people who may have a harder time going up to the door and answering it manually. 

Install It Yourself

Installation can be a huge factor in your decisions when you’re upgrading to a smart home. With extensive systems having multiple gadgets, installation can sometimes take hours. You may end up with a team of professionals occupying a certain part of your home which can be inconvenient, and you’d also have to pay them a possibly heavy installation fee due to the complex nature of that system.

Even though this doorbell plays such an important role in your home, the installation is quite simple. If you opt for the “battery” version, you can install it at home and choose the vantage point that works best for you. This way, you can get a clear view of the exterior in a hassle-free way.

Another major advantage of this doorbell is that it’s easy to take along with you during a move. Due to its size and make, it can be carried with you to your new home without getting damaged. For people with temporary homes, this is a big cause of concern due to the vulnerability of smart gadgets; no one wants the gadgets they’ve invested so much in to get damaged, and this doorbell is reliable enough to last you a long time with minimal care. 

Fool-Proof Surveillance

An apartment may be considered relatively safer than a house due to its limited entry points. Especially if it’s at a higher altitude, your apartment becomes automatically less accessible to any potential intruders; however, your main entrance remains vulnerable. By focusing on strengthening the security here, the safety of your apartment can be ensured. The Google Nest Doorbell is the ideal gadget for this purpose because of how versatile it is (in terms of accessibility as well as compatibility). If you want a fully secure apartment, this gadget has you covered.

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