Smart tips for taking care of an old horse


Smart tips for taking care of an old horse

Having a horse and caring for it is all about commitment! Horse maintenance and care have its challenges, especially if it’s an old horse that you need to take care. The advanced development in horse health care and nutrition is making horses live longer than before. Today, you can find horses living excellently even in their 20’s and 30’s. It is all about the individual care that horses receive that makes them thrive well even at an older age.

Genetics also decide the overall lifespan of the horse. Many horse owners feel that placing your horse to the pasture is the best thing they can do to an old horse. But there’s more! Horses are not much different from individuals. Few love to stay idle, while others want to lead an active life. Ignoring an old horse is the worst thing an owner can do.

Do you want to know how to care for an old horse at hand? If yes, then you can refer to the guidelines listed below and create your old horse care plan and execute it. For any other details, you can always browse and refer to the TVG website.

Old horse care tips

Smart tips for taking care of an old horse

  1. Observation is the key to horse care. So, keep a watchful eye on your elderly horse on a daily basis. Check for any changes in the behavior, food habits, and changes in body temperature, mood and the like. Even if there’s a minor problem, like sleeping or staying idle more than ever, make sure to address it immediately.
  2. Give an old horse the best quality food. It is also essential to avoid all kinds of moldy and dusty feeds. It will lead to food poisoning, and other digestive issues in your older horse as their immune system will be a little weak now than before.
  3. The older horses need to be kept separate from the young and aggressive ones, especially during food time, so that they don’t have to compete for their food and create any other havoc. Furthermore, you need to ensure that an older horse gets fed at a frequent interval, such as two to three times on a daily basis is a favorable count.
  4. Make sure that you provide your horse with clean water. A horse will have problems with excessive cold water. It might lead to colic and many other health issues.
  5. Your old horse needs to have an exercise regime in place. It is helpful in providing the old horse with a right muscle tone, mobility, and flexibility.
  6. Adequate skincare is essential for old horses. As horses age, there’s a chance to develop skin allergies more than in young age. So, check for any skin irritations and address it at the earliest. This way you can maintain apt skin health for your old dog.
  7. Sometimes, old horses can develop lumps and tumors, anywhere from their head to the tail. Lumps and cysts are painful. So, the moment you detect it, make sure you seek medical attention and help.

Taking care for an old horse is not a Herculean task! It is all about following the best guidelines that apply to older horse care. Nobody wants to see their horses weak and frail. To make your old horse exude vibrancy and beauty, follow the above discussed old horse care tips.

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