Why lack of knowledge could be decreasing your power


Why lack of knowledge could be decreasing your power

The old age saying that “knowledge is power” from Francis Bacon holds true in all facets of our lives. Not knowing how the washing machine works make for a harder life. The same applies to fill taxes or planting food. We often leave knowledge to a basic level, with very few venturing out to seek more of it. It requires going past what is socially expected of you to develop oneself personally.

An example is the role of empathy and how to implement it. It is not something all parents or schools dedicate hours to teach. However, a Toronto video production manager doing a documentary can read up on the topic. Should they choose to devote hours reading specialized books on the matter, it would be of little wonder if the documentary gets the recognition it deserves. That in itself is power, as, without the knowledge, they would not have exceptionally weaved a story in a manner that transcends boundaries and touches all lives.

What power do you wish to have but do not?

We all wish to have power in various areas of our lives. It comes from knowledge; educating oneself. If you had previously not thought of asking yourself the question, it is likely that you have come to make do with your reality. You may have some awareness on the matter but chosen to consider it as a way of life. Take a few minutes or hours after this post to find what areas you wish to empower yourself.

Once you have the topic in mind, create a plan of how you wish to acquire this knowledge. For one it could be going back to school to become a better businessperson. For another, it could be purchasing a cookbook and revamping the menu. It requires learning a new way of doing things, and the patience that comes with applying it.

Prepare for a change

Why lack of knowledge could be decreasing your power

If politics is anything to go by, we learn that knowledge of something means new dawn. It could be lawsuits filed or policies change, but anything learned comes with a new beginning. You have to give up the old ways of thinking and doing things and take up the new. When you know better, we are told we should do better.

Not doing so brings cognitive dissonance. With two contradictory beliefs at play, you will go about in discomfort as a battle rages in your mind. Be prepared therefore to make the necessary mental and tangible changes to empower yourself with the knowledge acquired.

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