A Step-By-Step Guide to Buying Your Engagement Rings

A Step-By-Step Guide to Buying Your Engagement Rings

Congratulations! You’ve found the love of your heart; one who you will live with, cross mountains, and rivers together until the day when God decides to separate you. But you still have tough tasks ahead; finding the perfect engagement ring and more. Unlike other types of jewelry, buying an engagement ring can be difficult and overwhelming.

Remember it’s a symbol of love to your loved one and it’s a sign that you are prepared to take the relationship to the next level. In addition, your fiancée will want to boast with the engagement ring. So, you do not want to screw up with things.

For those who it’s their first time to buy an engagement ring which is obvious for every man unless you are engaging for the second time. When shopping around they may get overwhelmed when they encounter terms like eternity band, inclusion and more.

Well, these terms should not make you freak. We have put together this ultimate guide as shared by Linara, a custom engagement ring designer to help you buy the perfect ring that your fiancée will love.

Let’s get rolling.

  1. Establish Your Budget

You want a classy engagement ring but then you have to establish whether you can afford to pay for it. That’s why before you start shopping around or browsing online looking for the ring, you must establish your budget. Well, of course, the price can be negotiated, but you must have somewhere to start with before you can start negotiating.

Gone are the days when people used to say that an engagement ring can cost your two month’s salary. Nowadays, you just need to spend the amount you feel comfortable when buying one.

You just need to choose a nice ring that is within your budget and avoid overspending since you still have a life to live after the engagement and wedding. Some men might fear to propose because they don’t have the cash to buy an engagement ring. Remember, an engagement ring is a symbol of love and so when you postpone the proposal, then it means you aren’t prepared for the marriage journey. Just buy a humble but nice ring and you are good to go.

  1. Consider Your Partner’s Preferences

When shopping for her engagement ring, keep in mind your spouse’s taste. Since it’s something she will wear most of the time, it should be something she will like and one that matches her preference. Does she prefer yellow gold? Or vibrant diamond? Well, if you aren’t sure what her preferences are, you could ask one of her close friends but ensure she does not tell her since you want to make it a surprise to her.

  1. Do You Know Her Ring Size?

Huh! This is the time where men get confused. You know her, but you aren’t sure the size of the ring that will fit perfectly on her finger. And many end up screwing up in the process of buying. You may get the best and nicest ring ever, but come to learn later that, it’s not her size.

Well, if you happen to buy a ring that does not fit the size of your partner’s finger you do not have to worry, simply take it back where you bought it and the jeweler will make some modifications on it so that it fits on her fingers. Remember, you might be required to pay some few shillings.

But you need to avoid the embarrassment at proposing by ensuring you know the size of her fingers before you buy one and before you go down on your knees to propose to her.

  1. Pick a Quality Diamond

This is where the principal of four Cs applies cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Sometimes it’s a challenge to most men when it comes to choosing a diamond, however, knowing how to choose can make you buy the best ring your significant other will never forget. Most men prefer carat weight, but the cut is the best of all these four qualities. The color of a diamond ranges from D-colorless to Z-light yellow. Clear diamond is usually expensive.

Final Thoughts

There are many things to put into consideration when buying engagement rings; however, we have picked only the most important things that you must not overlook during the purchasing process.

Written by Divya Tak

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