Get A Higher Price For Your Used Car With These Tips


If the time has come to upgrade your wheels, you obviously want to get the best possible price for your old car and that means presenting it in its best possible light. Of course, there are a lot of different platforms that you could list the vehicle on, and here are a few tips to help you get the best possible price for your used car.


Selling Privately

If you have the time and energy, have the car detailed and take the images for the online used car platform. When a potential buyer does arrive, the car should be spotless, and make sure that you point out the many add-ons, while also showing the receipts for all the services and upgrades you have put in. Start with a slightly higher asking price and test out your negotiating skills; hopefully, you end up with the price you really wanted.

Online Car Buyers

Probably the easiest and certainly the quickest way to sell your car; online second hand car buyers like Austick respond with a great quote within minutes and they are happy to pay you cash for the privilege pf taking your car to be scrapped and recycled. If you happen to live in the Sydney area, the car removal company can be outside your house within the hour, with a low loader to take the car away. For those outside Australia, a Google search should help you locate a car buyer near you.

Tips to Get the Best Price for your Used Car

Focus On The Good Points

Whether in person or using text, always talk about things like the full-service history and the many features that you added, and when the buyer does mention minor issues, shrug your shoulders and smile! Make sure you give a good description of the car with some quality images when you post it on a social media group or a car for sale platform.

Be Patient

If you’re not in a hurry to sell, eventually the right person will come along and you’ll get your asking price. Of course, it is often the case where you need to sell the old car to get the deposit for the upgrade model, and in such a case, you may have to drop your price slightly if you want a quick sale.

Sometimes It’s Better To Repair

If, for example, the wiper blades are worn or one of the headlight bulbs has blown, you are better off shelling out for replacements to make sure all is OK with the car. For the little cost, it could make all the difference.

Compare Car Buyer Quotes

There are quite a few scrap car dealers that will pay you a good price for your old car and profits are good, which means they can afford to outbid rivals; many boasts that they will beat any price, which is an attractive offer. Half an hour of Googling and you can find out the best price for the car and they will come to collect the vehicle and pay you cash at the same time.

The online car removal company would be a no-hassle way to get a good price and have the car taken away.

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