How to Find the Closest Post Office

How to Find the Closest Post Office

There might be a time where you might find that you need to locate the nearest post office in your area. Getting to know your post office is essential because you wouldn’t want to miss a package delivery. Additionally, most packages received requires you to sign that you have received your package. Therefore, this will require you to visit the post office for these formalities personally.

Getting to identify your local mail office is a straightforward process. The following are some of the ways to locate your local post office in Pensacola.


Locate a nearby United States Postal Service location

The simplest way to locate your local mail office that delivers your emails is by logging in to your computer or phone and searching online. The United States Postal Services suggests to customers to use their local USPS tool that is installed on their website to locate a nearby post office.

The locator tool is always updated and offers accurate information by giving all the street addresses. On the USPS website, click on find location and then key in your address. United States Postal Services will then display all the location services of all the nearby USPS mail drop locations in your area. In case your parcel is massive, you can call a postal carrier to pick up the parcel.

Locate your delivery information

In the event you miss a certified letter or package; the mail carrier will leave behind a slip on your door. The slip contains crucial information including the address of your local mail office that you will be required to visit and pick up your package and/or mail. The slip left behind also comprises of the date that your mail will be available for collection.

You can also make direct USPS contact

Another option is to contact USPS directly. You can visit the USPS offices and personally deliver your mail. Alternatively, sending an email to the USPS is also a viable method. However, you will have to wait for the next three business days so that you can receive feedback. The email you draft doesn’t have to be lengthy, you should only ensure that you include your full mailing details.

You can make alternative mail office visits

The United States Postal Service offers other means that can assist you in avoiding visiting the post office entirely. A good example is where in case you missed a mail delivery; you can go online and fill a form asking for the mail to be re-delivered. Additionally, you can include the day that you will be available for the mail delivery.

You can also set up a account. This account assists you in authorizing the post office to leave behind a package at your doorstep especially if you are not at home. Also, you can make a request where you wish that your mail be temporarily placed on hold if you are going out of town or even schedule an alert when you will be at home to receive the package. This is helpful when you receive a package that requires you sign for it and have to show identification to the mail carrier.

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