Women are Dying to be Thin

Women Are Dying To be Thin

The place where we live in now stresses upon a standard of flawlessness, a perfection that does not exist in real since beauty cannot be measured. Each and every one is beautiful. However the society and the media not only brings out a different picture of women but also sets up impractical and unrealistic images of women as to how they should act and look and they die, trying to match up to those standards. One of the most viral is “The Weight”. These have led women indulging in eating disorders.

The topic may not be new to you and chances are there that you might have read this before; the most crucial thing here is to be aware, to be informed and to inform. The change these television and the society demands would only turn you into a clone with nothing unique left within you. The magazine that gives you the mould to shape you; is the garbage you need to dump. You need to find the courage, love and belief in yourself and change your perception from ‘What will others think?’ To ‘I’m enough of a human’. And you will see the how the world flips in front of you. Just remember whatever you do, do it for yourself not for others. Love what you do, do what you love. Period


Author: Somil Bhargava

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