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Even though we quite often imagine natural selection whenever we have a discussion about evolution, there may also be artificial assortment: man determine which plants and animals bring forth offspring, based upon what traits man find desired.

The bloodhound is a superb illustration of unnatural selection. This particular breed of dog of dog is truly one of the oldest scent hounds in the world. Its family tree may be traced back in Europe to before the period of the Crusades. Many feel the breed originated in Constantinople. The term “bloodhound” does not allude to the dog following a trail of blood. Rather, it means the fact that this hound’s family tree was closely manipulated to create an animal whose nose is really so trustworthy, the proof it discovers stands in a court of law.

Just how does the bloodhound track? The bloodhounds possess bigger, very sensitive smell membranes in its nose, bearing 230 million olfactory cells (40 x much more than humans). It is able to determinate odors at least a thousand times better than humans. The bloodhound’s wrinkly facial area and prolonged ears assist catch and sweep up smells. It bears strong shoulders that help it keep near to the ground and on a track . . . . . . . . .sometimes to the extent of 130 miles.

The nose is not the only feature that man farmed this dog for. The dog was also raised to bear a wish to perform. A dog with a great nose is worthless to a human if the dog doesn’t wish to cooperate.

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