The Missing Watch


The Missing Watch

Once upon a time, there used to be a farmer who figured out that he had lost his watch in the barn while working, the watch was not the usual one since he had lots of memories and sentiments related with the watch.

After a long unsuccessful search among the hay, he was tired and called the children playing outside the barn.

He bargained a nice deal with them and promised a reward to the person who would get him his watch.

The children searched through every stack of hay for the watch without yielding any results. The farmer was upset and just before he was going to call off the search, a small boy came up to him and asked for one more chance.

The farmer glanced at him and quickly gave a thought to it, “Why not” After all, the boy was trustworthy and willing enough.

The kid went inside the barn and in a few minutes came back to the farmer and handed him the watch. The farmer was over filled with joy but at the same time was surprised how the kid found his watch while the search by the rest was in vain.

He asked the kid “No one was able to find my watch. How did you find my watch? “

The kid replied “I went inside the barn, sat on the ground and listened. In the silence I heard the clock tick away. I had nothing to do but to just look for it in the direction of the sound.”

A mind that rest yields results. A worked up mind always reduces the efficiency of the brain. Give some peace to it. Your brain works better when given proper rest. Just sit in silence for few minutes allowing your mind the right amount of space and peace to refuel itself and you would notice how your life flips sharply in front of you.

Author: Somil Bhargava

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Written by Somil Bhargava

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