Social Media and Teenagers- Facebook Losing to Instagram– (Infographics)


Social Media and Teenagers- Facebook losing to Instagram


Have you ever thought how social media has got a hold over the upcoming teenagers. Less than 10% teens have not used social media. Shocking! Isn’t it. In 2013 Facebook saw a 9% decrease in popularity while the use of Instagram among teenagers have increased by 5%. Facebook on the other hand, although forms the majorly used social networking site, it is losing to the newly launched and upcoming graphics sharing social networking sites like Instagram and Tumblr. 61% is the figure of teens that say they are glued mostly to Tumblr and it is their most favorite social networking site. A strong signal is seen as to how teenagers are now using these social media sites. Snapchat too is seen to become popular for children between 13 to18. The infographic below is by Nextadvisor as to how these social media sites are used by the teenagers.

Social-Media-and-Teenagers- Facebook-losing-to-Instagram
Social-Media-and-Teenagers- Facebook-losing-to-Instagram

Wrap Up:

91% teens — share their own photographs

71% teens — post their name of the school, city/town where they reside

53% teens — share their email id

20% teens — share their mobile number

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