Increase E-commerce Revenues with Facebook Paid Campaign


The importance of advertisement campaigns is well realized by the entrepreneurs, both in the e-commerce business as well as the retail businesses. The social media marketing does provide ample opportunities for advertisement and marketing. But it still needs a proper planning to meet out the business requirements. Digital marketing in Jaipur and in other parts of the country is not an easy task. It is more difficult these days to get noticed with so many businesses advertising for their products online.

The SEO Company in Jaipur guides you with proper planning and analysis of getting noticed by the internet users in the facebook and also in the search engines. The Facebook paid campaigns are placed strategically in the newsfeed to attract the attention of the users and captivate them into visiting the business website.

Facebook Paid Campaigns – an easy way to your mind

The Facebook users are always on the lookout for new things to keep them engaged. The paid campaigns exploit this as an opportunity for the purpose. It is estimated that an ad in the facebook will be viewed by at least 4000 new people every day.

It has proven to be the easiest and the best way to influence the mind of the customer at any stage especially while creating awareness among the new and ideal customers.

The good part of such marketing is that you have the end data and results with you to establish a relationship of your marketing strategies and expenses. Cutting down of expenses can be explored using this analysis. Calculation of ROI and conversions is also possible.


Proper emphasis on the following is necessary for the success:

  • Placement of ads in the newsfeed
  • Target demographics
  • Budget

Placement of ads

Paid campaigns often find their way in the newsfeed as sponsored stories. They are also placed at the right-hand column in a more traditional approach. Though a little expensive, these prove very effective.

Target Demographics

Facebook is a mine of data of its users for ads. The users are broken down on the basis of:

  • Demographics – Location, age, income, gender
  • Interests – likes, posts, and shares
  • Behavior – what they watch, purchases made

These data, when put in combinations, can give you the target audience for the ads.


The amount spent on the paid campaigns is very nominal when compared to the benefits accrued. The expenses are affordable. But the results yielded are phenomenal. This can be ascertained by the ROI and conversions.

With a clear focus on the objectives and creativity, the Facebook paid campaigns can target your audience with ease and can give you exceptional results.

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