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10 reasons a girl must have long hair

reasons a girl must have long hair

girl must have long hair

Indian women have always been personified by long hair. Why? It defines you as a woman. The long layer of hair makes you look and feel gorgeous. On the other hand, long hair goes with anything and everything.

Just imagine, with long hair, you could have a different hairdo every day, because there are so many hairstyles to experiment with. You could try something new every day, if you don’t like it, don’t worry the options are endless. Or if you are having a bad hair day, just pull them in a bun, problem solved.

Having said that it is not as simple as that and long hair needs extra care, and mostly it’s the natural remedies that help you, but it is all worth it. You know, once you cut your hair and styled, that is it, at least for a while.

So, before you decide to cut your hair short, let’s us discuss why keeping long hair is the best.


Don’t make rash decision

We all make  prompt decisions, but remember when it comes to your hair, once you cut it, there is no undoing it, what’s gone is gone. Sometimes when you are going through a phase, cutting your hair might seem like a good option for a change. Or just to be on the trend, we try different things.

But do you really want to do that to your hair? Give a serious thought.


A bad hair day will remain a bad hair day!

We all have one of those days when our hair simply won’t behave. Now, with long hair if you have bad hair day, you can put them in a bun, make a ponytail or braid. Basically, with long hair, you hardly ever have a bad hair day. However, with short hair, you cannot do much about it.


Limitless hairstyles

With long hair you have endless hairstyle options: wear it down, wear it up, put it in a long ponytail, or braid it. And there are so many types of braids and ponytails as well. There is so much you can do with long hair than you have the scope with short hair.





Braids are always in, and they always make you look beautiful and classy. One of the benefits of having long hair is that you can try different braids on different days.  More importantly, they hide your hair sins, from unruly hair to greasy ones, but with short hair, you will be walking around with your messy, unruly hair. The choice is yours!


It takes forever to grow back

Once you cut your hair short, but expect to come that it will grow back before you know it. As per TLC, hair grows about a half-inch a month. So, in short, it will take forever to grow it back. If you are impatient then this is one of the reasons why you should stick to long hair.


Those winter chills

Winters can be brutally cold and with short hair means you feel every bit of that chilly winter wind. And with long hair, the layers will protect your hair, so you don’t have to worry. If you are a crybaby about cold, this is one of the most practical reasons to have long hair.


Experimenting much!

When you grow your hair long, you have the scale to experiment with straightening tools and curling irons. You can have your stylish little way with those long locks. But remember, don’t experiment too much; you don’t want to ruin their texture.



Can you skip a day?

When you have short hair you have to wash them every day or else they will go greasy and even if they don’t look grimy, what about the bed head?

On the other hand, if you have long hair, washing a week thrice is enough. As a matter of fact, it is good for protecting the conditioning and the colour of your tresses.


Men like them long

Yes, men like long hair, and it is proven by surveys. You must say those men are chauvinist but what can you say, men are visual and they love the things that symbolise our femininity. In fact, the stunning Michelle Williams also admitted that most men prefer her in long strands.



You cannot undo it

When you have long yet thin hair, they kind of look scraggly, and we know it doesn’t look pretty, but you can always do something about it. Girls! If you have long hair and you don’t think it works well for you, you can always cut it. But on the other hand, if you cut your hair short and you don’t like it that way, you would not be able to do anything, for a while at least.


There you go; these were few of the many reasons not to cut your hair short. Rest is up to you. But we will say, keep it long, keep it stylish!

Written by Pooja Pushpan

I am Pooja Pushpan. I have intent adulation towards writing. It is not just a source of earning but fuel to my soul, for which perpetual and adhere reading keeps me looped to it. Jotting down for self is a mere stunt for a writer as they are never bellyful of the words they scribble. Better keep it a secret and let the thirst go on!

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